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Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital

Forms & Resources

At Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital we are committed to client education. Please check the following pages for links to trusted resources, educational articles, videos, frequently asked questions, and more!

Veterinary Resources

Veterinary Partner - Good source of information for many canine and feline diseases.

Pet Poison Helpline - If your pet ate something poisonous, the sooner a pet poisoning is diagnosed, the easier, less expensive, and safer it is to treat.

CDC - Learn more about zoonotic diseases which are infections shared between people and animals.

American Heartworm Society - Learn more about the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heartworm disease.

AAHA - The American Animal Hospital Association

AVSAB - American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

MVMA - Michigan Veterinary Medical Association

Financial Pet Care

Care Credit - Offers special financing, flexible payment plan options and convenient payment options.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Nationwide Pet Insurance

ASPCA Pet Insurance


Trainers Academy

575 E.Elmwood Troy, Michigan 48083

Phone: (248) 588-3222

My Hero Dog Training

30915 Haggerty Novi MI 48377

Phone: (248) 225-6662

Dog Star Daily - Information for both before and after you adopt your puppy along with other training articles.

Sophia Yi - Positive training and behavior resource.

Karen Pryor - Clicker training resource for dogs, cats and exotic pets.

Animal Husbandry Articles

Small Mammal Information

Chinchilla Husbandry and Care

Degu Husbandry and Care

Gerbil Husbandry and Care

Guinea Pig Husbandry and Care

Hamster Husbandry and Care

Rabbit Husbandry and Care

Rat Husbandry and Care

Additional Resources

Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians

House Rabbit Society

Guinea Lynx

Reptile Information

Aquatic Turtle Husbandry and Care

Bearded Dragon Husbandry and Care

Box Turtle Husbandry and Care

Chameleon Husbandry and Care

Crested Gecko Husbandry and Care

Iguana Husbandry and Care

Leopard Gecko Husbandry and Care

Leopard Tortoise Husbandry and Care

Snake Husbandry and Care

Sulcata Tortoise Husbandry and Care

Tortoise Husbandry and Care

Water Dragon Husbandry and Care

Additional Resources

Association of Reptilian & Amphibian Veterinarians

Herp Care Collection

King Snake

How To Videos

How to Clean Your Dog's Teeth

How to Clean and Medicate Ears

How to Medicate Your Bird

How to Pill Your Pet

Or click here to visit our YouTube channel and view all our How To Video's!